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Thursday, February 24, 2011


2011.02.24 - FNC - Saudi National College Student Arrested On WMD Charge...

Suspected Syria Nuclear Site Found - WSJ.com

Suspected Syria Nuclear Site Found - WSJ.com

Lawsuit: 'Honor killings' OK by Michigan Shariah

Lawsuit: 'Honor killings' OK by Michigan Shariah

No Equal Free Speech for Christians in Dearborn and allegations Sharia Law is now practiced over the Constitution.

American Thinker Blog: Journalist in France Convicted for Anti-Muslim Hate Speech

Another Example of Free Speech violaions enforced by Courts.... Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) 10 Year Plan kicking into hight gear in Europe with several recent convictions.

American Thinker Blog: Journalist in France Convicted for Anti-Muslim Hate Speech

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Black Hawk Down By Sea: 4 Americans Murdered by Islamic Terrorist “Pirates”

Black Hawk Down By Sea: 4 Americans Murdered by Islamic Terrorist “Pirates”

Pajamas Media » Egypt and Tunisia: Triumphs for the American Muslim Brotherhood

Pajamas Media » Egypt and Tunisia: Triumphs for the American Muslim Brotherhood

Muslims who want to implement Sharia Law in place of our constitution run rampant in America.

Yousef Quaradawi, the most influential Muslim Brother in the world was banned from entering Egypt
too lead first prayer in Tarir Square. So much for a democratic Egypt... hello Brotherhood.

Shaker Elsayed is also mentioned in this Article... same Imam of Dar al Hijra in Falls Church, Va, and
Same Imam who this past year conducted interfaith outreach and a sermon denouncing Jesus as
a mere prophet and preached from the book of Isaiah saying it was about Muhammad and not Christ.

All of this after saying he was the new Imam of the church, while Qurans were being sold in the Church.

See this article for the full story http://www.redcounty.com/content/guest-column-lambs-slaughter-randy-mcdaniels-act-jacksonville

CAIR Confronts Allen West

Monday, February 21, 2011

Parvez Ahmed: UNF Professor & Apologist for Egyptians who Gang Raped Reporter Laura Logan

This article was written by Jacksonville Human Rights Commissioner Parvez Ahmed with rebuttal comments in RED by the ACT for America - Jacksonville Chapter Leader.

Abuse of women is sadly endemic
by Parvez Ahmed*

Amidst all the euphoria about Egypt’s peaceful revolution, the news of CBS news reporter Lara Logan being sexually assaulted fell like a ton of bricks.

Parvez Ahmed makes the statement that the Assault fell like a ton of bricks yet a simple Google search of the assault shows nothing to support this statement… not a word of condemnation from CAIR, Egypt, or the Muslim Brotherhood in the mainstream media. I think the Bricks are beginning to fall on the Propaganda Parvez has been spewing for years via the FTU and Huffington Post, as well as his blogs.

The people of Egypt, especially its youth, have been such an inspiration that any hint of deviant behavior understandably elicits gasps and should provoke soul searching. Sadly, the incident is not that isolated.

Now the glorification and apologetics begin. Parvez speaks of the gasps when all we in the west hear is silence and the most he recommends is soul searching.

A 2008 survey by the Egyptian Center for Women’s Rights shows that 98 percent of foreign women and 83 percent of Egyptian women reporting being sexually harassed.
Notice how Parvez states the facts (which are staggering and appalling statistics of a morally corrupt culture) and then minimizes these attacks and rapes as simple assaults. Not quite what one would expect from a Human Rights Commissioner.
Six in 10 men admitted to such behavior. How is it that in Muslim societies, which often pontificate about conservative values and use such values to advocate gender segregation, women are denied the most basic of dignities?

Parvez, now poses the question in a manner that this is somehow not related to Islam and begins the scriptural apologetics…. As a good Muslim Brother he begins using Taqiyya or Holy Deception which is obligatory Islamic Doctrine to further cultural Jihad in the host Country.

The Islamic scripture is unequivocal that the proper treatment of women is a cornerstone in developing personal piety and societal harmony. In chapter 9 verse 71, the Quranic paradigm is clear: “The believers, men and women, are protectors, one of another: they enjoin what is just and forbid what is evil: they observe regular prayers, practice regular charity, and obey God and His Messenger. On them will God pour His Mercy: for God is Exalted in power, Wise.”

Parvez selectively uses a benign verse from the Koran which tells the non-Muslim that men and women are protectors of one another, forbid evil… it does not address the specific treatment of women per sacred scriptures such as the few that follow:

Ishaq:496 "Ask the slave girl; she will tell you the truth.' So the Apostle called Burayra to ask her. Ali got up and gave her a violent beating first, saying, 'Tell the Apostle the truth.'"

Qur'an 24:34 "Force not your slave-girls to whoredom (prostitution) if they desire chastity, that you may seek enjoyment of this life. [And here's the freedom-to-pimp card:] But if anyone forces them, then after such compulsion, Allah is oft-forgiving."

Qur'an 4:15 "If any of your women are guilty of lewdness, take the evidence of four witnesses from amongst you against them; if they testify, confine them to houses until death [by starvation] claims them."

Qur'an 24:6 "And for those who launch a charge against their wives, accusing them, but have no witnesses or evidence, except themselves; let the testimony of one of them be four testimonies, (swearing four times) by Allah that he is the one speaking the truth."

Tabari IX:113 "Allah permits you to shut them in separate rooms and to beat them, but not severely. If they abstain, they have the right to food and clothing. Treat women well for they are like domestic animals and they possess nothing themselves. Allah has made the enjoyment of their bodies lawful in his Qur'an."

Tabari I:280 "Allah said, 'It is My obligation to make Eve bleed once every month as she made this tree bleed. I must also make Eve stupid, although I created her intelligent.' Because Allah afflicted Eve, all of the women of this world menstruate and are stupid."

Expounding on the subject of gender relations, noted Islamic scholar Jamal Badawi writes:

“Under no circumstances does the Quran encourage, allow or condone violence (against women). In extreme cases … it allows for a husband to administer a gentle pat to his wife that causes no physical harm to the body nor leaves any sort of mark. …. In the event that dispute cannot be resolved equitably between husband and wife, the Quran prescribes mediation between the parties through family intervention on behalf of both spouses.”

Badawi is attempting to contextualize the Quranic verse 4:34. And yet many Muslim religious leaders do not place this verse into its proper context, making it ripe for abuse both at the hands of Muslim men and by those who blame Islam for all that ails the Muslim world.

Jamal Badawi is a senior Muslim Brother member and sits on the Fiqh Council of North America which has its seal of a approval on the Umdat Al Salik or Reliance of The Traveler, which is the desktop codex to Sacred Islamic Law…. an accepted translation into english of sacred Islamic Law first translated in 1991, Which discusses Jihad, Treatment of Non-Muslims, Muslims, Women, Stoning and more. We have video of Badawi refusing to denounce this Islamic Law manual or any of these barbaric laws.

In addition you can hear him preach to his Muslim Audience on http://www.islamicity.com where in various sermons he states no man made law can be obeyed and talks about beating women among other topics.

Parvez makes apology that Muslim men again misunderstand their religion and the whole world picks on poor Islam for this one verse. Many Christians do not agree on many verses…but we do not see wholesale beatings and widespread terrorism and persecution in its name.

NOTE: Parvez Ahmed also refused to denounce these barbaric Laws on camera. You will understand why when you read Islamic law regarding to Apostacy in this manual, which makes it clear that they become apostates to Islam for doing so.

Contradictions between the teaching in sacred texts and the reality on the ground are not limited to Egypt or the gender-segregated and repressive Gulf states. In Turkey, four out of 10 women are physically abused by their husbands, according to a recent study titled “Domestic Violence against Women in Turkey.”

Now Parvez Ahmed uses another standard Muslim Brotherhood talking point when he said that these Muslims must somehow be misunderstanding the sacred texts.

In fact, Islamic apologist will systematically use earlier peaceful verses to obfuscate later verses which have authority or have abrogated earlier verses to deceive the western audience.

The fact is that the Umdat al Salik or Sacred Islamic Law manual is derived from the Quran (word of ALLAH), the Hadith (Traditions of Muhammad), Sira (Biography of Muhammad), Ijtihad (Human Reasoning in regard to the reliability of all the hadith RE: are they false, weak, or strong hadith (Bukari and Muslim being the strongest or most reliable), and finally these were given Ijma or Consensus. Since, then no laws are allowed to be changed or annulled.

Fatwas which are often used to confuse the facts regarding Islamic law are edicts or religious legal rulings in compliance within the confines of the laws previously discussed.

To be fair, abuse of women is not exclusively a Muslim problem. The same day that the Lara Logan story broke, news media also reported that female members of the US Navy were alleging the cover up of widespread rape. A US Justice Department study shows that one in six American women are raped during their lifetimes. Nearly half of all murders of women in the US are committed by a romantic partner. Abuse of women is just as problematic in conservative Muslim societies as they are in the liberal West. This underscores the need for less finger-pointing and ought to provide the impetus to collectively address the issue.

Parvez uses this technique above often…. Look it’s not just Islam, everyone is doing it, with little regard to how disparaging the differences between the particular group he mentions is; in this case 98% Egyptian Muslim abuses against women vs. 16% in America.

The abuse of women in Muslim societies is particularly jolting because of its stark contrast with the normative teachings of Islam. I often have the privilege of speaking to people of other faiths about Islam and Muslims. Such contradictions are what most troubles my audience and why they continue to harbor negative opinions about Islam and Muslims.

Here Parvez again deceives his readers about the normative teachings of Islam regarding women which was clearly shown with just a few of the Islamic teachings he failed to report above. He then paints Muslims as victims of negative or bigoted opinions.

Islamophobia cannot be overcome by merely preaching Islam. It will require Muslims to live Islam and their societies to reflect Islam’s values and ethics.

Parvez, then uses the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) talking points and the word they coined in their “10 Year Plan” Islamophobia. Islamophobia is part of the OIC strategy to make speech critical of Islam or the Prophet a crime. It has worked over the past six years wonderfully as the UN has just passed their resolution to do just that.

While Muslim preachers rail against those who prevent women from wearing headscarves or hijab, they are largely silent on the endemic abuse of women.

In western Society in general, we have freedom to wear what we want with few exceptions, like say driver licenses and school dress codes at some private schools. The wearing of the Hijab is a way to insinuate Sharia Law in America via law fare. It is strictly enforced in many Islamic Countries by Dress Code Police with sever punishments and many women do not have a choice or are beaten. However, Parvez paints them as victims who are not allowed this freedom.

While Muslim countries, particularly in the Middle East, are quick to defend gender segregation as a way to “protect” women, they have taken few measures to stem the pervasive mistreatment of women in their own backyards.

This is an interesting term “Protect” and quite different than how it is perceived in the west. Under Islam women are property which is to be protected and they are always under the “Protection” of a Muslim Male. The Husband, Son, or other male relative.

"Protection" is used similarly when addressing people of the book (Christian and Jews) who live as Dhimmi (3rd class citizens) under the “Protection” of their Muslim conquerors by paying the Jizya or Poll Tax. The Jizya allows Christians and Jews to practice their religion as long as they pay the Tax with WILLING SUBMISSION.

It is akin to a Mafia type “Protection” and really extortion, and once the monies run out or the dhimmie are no longer useful they are forced to convert or die as other who were not of the book were forced to do so.

In the general gloom and doom of the Middle East, once again it is the educated and enlightened Muslim youth that is providing a ray of hope. Visit the Facebook page titled “Lara Logan: An apology from Egypt.” The messages of apology seem heartfelt. Many Egyptians are rightfully ashamed of this ignominy. My fervent hope is that they turn this moment of shame into motivation for positive change that eradicates this “social cancer.” Can Arabs and Muslims once again turn their hopeful eyes towards Egypt in leading the path to civilization? CNN producer and camerawoman Mary Rogers gives voice to the hope of many, “Perhaps it will be people power -- the same people power that brought down a regime -- that will successfully combat sexual harassment. But the only real protection women can have is when the attitudes of men change.”

In this final paragraph Parvez puts the hope of the Arab world in the hands of the enlightened Muslim youth… the same youth who overwhelmingly support Sharia law and Jihad according to both Gallup and Pew polls.

He makes the unequivocal statement most Egyptian are rightfully ashamed, yet has no way to confirm this assertion other than a single face-book page and no mainstream media or polls to corroborate or offer any type of back up.

Then Parvez talks about Egypt leading the path to “Civilization”. This statement sounds benign until you realize the context in which the Muslim Brotherhood in America understands it.

In a previously secret document “The Strategic Goals for the Group in North America” the Muslim Brotherhood laid out its plan to wage a “Civilization Jihad” and went further to state:

“The process of settlement [of Islam in the United States] is a "Civilization-Jihadist" process with all the word means. The Ikhwan (Brotherhood) must understand that all their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and "sabotaging" their miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God's religion is made victorious over all religions.”

Document entered into evidence by FBI in Justice Department Holy Land Foundation Trial.

keep in mind Parvez Ahmed led CAIR Florida for several years before becoming its National Chairman for four years. CAIR was designated a Muslim Brotherhood entity in the largest terror funding trial in U.S. history.

You must do your own unbiased reasoning to come to a rational conclusion of probability and ask yourself…. Is Parvez Ahmed a mild mannered professor or a soft spoken stealth Jihadist promoting Sharia Compliant Finance or Jihad with Money as the Muslim Brotherhood refer to it?
Professor Parvez Ahmed is a Fulbright scholar and associate professor of finance at the University of North Florida.

Muhabir: Parvez Ahmed

All Commentary in Red was made by Randy McDaniels of ACT for America’s Jacksonville Chapter.

Abuse of women is sadly endemic
by Parvez Ahmed*

Abuse of women is sadly endemic <br><i>by</i> <b>Parvez Ahmed* </b>

Parvez Ahmed once again uses Taqiyya or Holy Deception to decieve the community and Americans in this article printed in Turkey.

Lets see if his schills in the Florida Times Union print his propaganda?

Lara Logan and the Media Rules - Caroline Glick - Townhall Conservative

Lara Logan and the Media Rules - Caroline Glick - Townhall Conservative

Victim Politics and the Media.... biased reporting

Could the Kingdom of Bahrain Become an Iranian Pearl Harbor? « Jerusalem Center Blog

Could the Kingdom of Bahrain Become an Iranian Pearl Harbor? « Jerusalem Center Blog

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Just the Facts. | The Muslim Brotherhood and America's Conservative Movement

Just the Facts. The Muslim Brotherhood and America's Conservative Movement

This weekend we had a successful operation to help expose Suhail Khan and the video we obtained
of him saying;
THERE IS NO MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD IN AMERICA was just one more little indicator of his
islamist propaganda insinuated into the conservative movement.

See this site for a plethora of information on Suhail and his true allegiances!!!!

Is Grover Norquist an Islamist? :: Daniel Pipes

Is Grover Norquist an Islamist? :: Daniel Pipes

IT just keeps getting better... you cant make this $#@@ up!

P.S. I have spoke to Samah... and she is definitely an Islamist Apologist in my opinion.

P.S.S. SAMAH is the code word used by HAMAS Operative in the 1993 FBI wire taps. Is it a coincidence that HAMAS backwards is SAMAH?????

San Diego: "Devoutly Muslim" cab driver plows into crowd outside nightclub, injuring 23 - Jihad Watch

San Diego: "Devoutly Muslim" cab driver plows into crowd outside nightclub, injuring 23 - Jihad Watch

What is most interesting after reading this report and other similar ones... is that his actions are directly in keeping
with the teachings of the Qur'an and Mohammad.

In fact (AQAP) Al Qeada Arabian Peninsula has put out 4 copies of "Inspire Magazine" on the web which tells
followers to do small attacks and use their vehicles and other means to attack the infidel in the west.

In the first copy they lay out their new strategy explaining it will be difficult for a large 911 type attack and in a subsequent
copy bragged about "Operation Hemorrhage" which cost only $4,600.00 but cost us millions when the airlines were shut down
due to the expl0sives used on several airliners. Their strategy is in their words to "Bleed our Enemies to Death by a 1000 Cuts"

One "Inspire" issue also shows how to build a PIPE BOMB undetected using household items.

"Better Hitler than Blum" - Jihad Watch

"Better Hitler than Blum" - Jihad Watch

CBS News' Lara Logan Assaulted During Egypt Protests - 60 Minutes - CBS News

CBS News' Lara Logan Assaulted During Egypt Protests - 60 Minutes - CBS News

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Allen West meets with head of anti-Muslim group ACT! for America | Florida Independent: News. Politics. Media

Allen West meets with head of anti-Muslim group ACT! for America Florida Independent: News. Politics. Media

Sacrificed Survivors; The Untold Story of the Ground Zero... - Eventbrite

Sacrificed Survivors; The Untold Story of the Ground Zero... - Eventbrite

FBI: 100 Percent Chance of WMD Attack

FBI: 100 Percent Chance of WMD Attack

Intrigue in the O.C. | Red County

Intrigue in the O.C. Red County

The New York Times Covers Up for Its Favorite Muslim Brother

The New York Times Covers Up for Its Favorite Muslim Brother

"A weapon of mass destruction was found in the U.S.," says Customs officer - Jihad Watch

"A weapon of mass destruction was found in the U.S.," says Customs officer - Jihad Watch

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Muslim Brotherhood In Europe Lost???

American Thinker: Professors Push Israel to Negotiate with Hamas

American Thinker: Professors Push Israel to Negotiate with Hamas

What is most interesting is that two of these professors offering Ill Advise are none other than Rashid Khalidi - who is the controversial professor who was urged by representatives of the King of Saudi Arabia to write the letter on behalf of Obama to get him into Columbia and which was all over the news. This man endorsed HAMAS a Muslim Brotherhood Entity as does this Administration.

The Second is John Esposito of Georgetown University - which is a Muslim Apologist who sits on the board of a radical Muslim Brotherhood group "Institute of Islamic Political Thought" which calls for the overthrow of all man made political systems with Sharia or Islamic Law and works in Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal - Center for Christian and Muslim Understanding at Georgetown (The prince donated over $22 Million in the past to found the center which is a Islamic Apologist apparatus and Bin Talal is also responsible for funding much of America's MES studies and Mosques).

HAMAS follows the Muslim Brotherhood Creed and Goals and is only peaceful when it is weak or does not have the numbers necessary to agitate violence to overthrow the secular or non-Islamic Governments.

Foreign monies and influence operations are paying off well as you can see several NON-MUSLIM professors espousing the M.B. doctrine and talking points.


JOHN GUANDOLO: There Are Muslims Trying to Overthrow US Government

How Taqiyya Alters Islam's Rules of War: Defeating Jihadist Terrorism :: Middle East Quarterly

How Taqiyya Alters Islam's Rules of War: Defeating Jihadist Terrorism :: Middle East Quarterly