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The mission of ACT Jacksonville is to expose radical islam in our midst by informing and educating the citizens of Jacksonville of the insidious nature of stealth jihad and mobilizing to defeat the spread and implementation of islamic sharia law.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Florida Mayor Takes Bold Stand Against Terrorism!

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HAMAS Minister Admits Palestinian Cause Fabricated by Muslim Arabs

In a temper tantrum Fathi Hammad could not keep his mouth shut but had to blurt out the truth: that the “Palestinian” people are a fabrication, an invention. There never existed a displaced people called Palestinian. And there never existed an invasion of Palestinian land over a territory that belonged to the jews over 1,000 years before Mohammed was even born. The actual Palestinians are illegal immigrants from surrounding Arab nations pushed to occupy the area to commit intifada (resistance).

The Palestine-Israeli conflict is not about loss of land. It’s about hate and racism. Jew hate. In fact, it’s about 1,400 years of racism created by the Arabs based on the teachings of prophet Mohammed.