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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

ART of Deception...... Parvez Ahmed's "Memo to Osama Bin Laden"

ART of Deception.....
Parvez Ahmed’s “Memo to Osama Bin Laden”
By Randy McDaniels ACT Jacksonville

Parvez Ahmed wrote a “Memo to Osama Bin Laden” after his death which of course appeared in the Florida Times Union, a “Rag” which appears to act as his personal champion, abandoning all journalistic integrity when reporting anything Ahmed. Simultaneously, the Times refuses to print any articles critical of Parvez. So much for “Fair and Balanced” reporting.

In this “Memo” Parvez, accuses Bin Laden of plotting evil and labeled him a terrorist threat whose elimination is a victory for peace and justice. He states Bin Laden, has caused untold misery to people who have no enmity with him and dragged the good name of Islam through the mud, that he is NOT a martyr, but a criminal who deserves to be punished by death, under American, international and Sharia laws.

Most who read this “Memo to Osama Bin Laden” as well as his other articles have virtually no knowledge of Islamic Doctrine or the duality in Islam which allows Parvez Ahmed to spew his propaganda and deceive out in the open. Unfortunately, to the untrained eye it appears his message is one of reason and not one which is in complete conformance with Sharia Law and the objectives of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Fortunately, to be good at deception it is a necessary to have a good memory and sometimes you just plain slip up as Parvez did in this “Memo” referencing the fact that Osama Bin Laden should be punished by death under Sharia Law.

The problem is during a recent propaganda session, Parvez was caught on video saying Sharia was in fact NOT Law, but simply broad principles to live by, and then leads the audience to believe these principles have no authority, however, he emphatically states in this “Memo” Sharia Law not only has authority, but authority to exert capital punishment…. So which is it?

Sacred Islamic Law is derived from the Qur’an, Sunnah and once the law has Ijma (scholarly Consensus) it can never be amended or annulled. Since, the act of denouncing any verse of the Quran or anything which by scholarly consensus (Ijma) belongs to it, or add a verse that does not belong to it is an act of Apostasy Book of Justice O 8.7(7), which may explain Parvez Ahmed’s refusal to denounce the book or it’s barbaric laws which are diametrically opposed to our Constitution and in opposition to the Human Rights he is supposed to protect.

Parvez Ahmed was the National Chairman of the Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR) from 2005-2008, which was designated as a Muslim Brotherhood Front Group and the Palestine Committee aka HAMAS by the Federal Government in the largest terrorism trial in U.S. history. In addition, Congresswoman Sue Myrick of the Counter Terrorism Caucus has labeled CAIR as the “Propaganda Arm of HAMAS”.

As the leader of the Propaganda Arm of HAMAS in America, it would be reasonable to assume one would be well versed in Taqiyya or “Holy Deception”. In this “Memo”, as in many other articles, Parvez uses very specific and deceptive language. Often there are two messages, one for the non-Muslim and one for the Muslim buried in the same message. It is not hard to detect once you are trained to recognize it, so we will dissect this “Memo” and key in on some points of contention.

Original “Memo” by Parvez is in black print, while my commentary is in red print:

Although rejoicing death is not part of the religious traditions of Muslims, Christians or Jews, I cannot help but feel a sense of joyful relief now that you are no longer capable of plotting your evil. The evil I believe Parvez refers to are actions which have caused harm to Muslim’s, Islam, and caused the enemy to occupy Muslim lands. This enormity (crime/sin) is commonly referred to in the Tafsir and Quran as creating “Mischief in the Land”.

If the actions of Muslim(s) are JUST they will have the blessing of Allah. If not, and they bring what is perceived be “Mischief in the Land”, as such, these Muslims are not fighting a just or holy war but have committed a crime/sin. “Mischief in the land” as described here is an act of apostasy and is a capital offense and deserving of death.

U.S. forces are using “Mischief in the Land” to their benefit. The tactic of announcing the defeat of Taliban/Al Qaeda forces over loud speakers after each engagement has at times resulted in the locals turning on them.

Your elimination as a terrorist threat is a victory for peace and justice. Terrorism under Islamic doctrine is understood as the UNJUST killing of a Muslim ONLY. Some also consider the occupation of Islamic lands by non-Muslims a form of terrorism.

Peace can only be achieved when the Dar al Harb (house of war) comes under the Dar al Islam (House of Peace/submission), only then can Justice prevail, because then the whole world will be under Sharia law or perfect justice as understood in Islam.

September 11th and subsequent attacks by Islamist has raised awareness of the Cultural Jihad quietly being waged by the Muslim Brotherhood in America. Violence at this Stage in America is not desired according to the
“Phases of the World Underground Movement Plan” and has been a significant setback in the Islamization of America. This may explain the phrase “a victory for peace and justice” when referring to Bin Laden’s death.

Abrogation or progressive revelation creates a “duality” in Islam, which we in the west have a hard time comprehending. It allows for two seemingly opposing views to simultaneously be correct under Islamic law.

If Sharia law covers every aspect of Islamic life, how can the Brotherhood in Libya legally wage Jihad alongside Al Qaeda, while condemning the tactics of Bin Laden and Al Qaeda in the west if Allah is perfect? This
Poll of Muslims regarding Bin Laden further illustrates this duality. Both views are factually correct due to progressive revelation.

Thousands of people from different nationalities, ethnicities and religions around the world have reacted with understandable emotions. It is a small point, but Parvez uses the phrase understandable emotions. This gives an appearance of “understanding the elation of those in the west” without actually rejoicing at the death of a fellow Jihadist.

Capital markets have reacted by bidding oil prices down and stock prices up, indicating that they are hopeful of greater stability in the Middle East.

You have caused untold misery to people who had no enmity with you. "Strongest among men in enmity to the believers (Muslims) wilt thou fined the Jews and Pagans. Quran, 5:82"

The Book of Enormities p2. (1-3) defines the “Killing a Human Being” as a believer or Muslim only. Quranic verses which have authority refer to “People of the Book as Apes and Pigs” or less than human 5:60.

You have dragged the good name of Islam through the mud by wrapping your heinous actions with the banner of Islam. Your views and your methods have long been discredited by credible and mainstream Muslim scholars. This is merely a personal “opinion”, which is not shared by the majority of the Muslim world according to mainstream media.

Interesting, Parvez only condemns Bin Laden’s “Views and Methods”, or his “Means” to an end and not the “End”, which is the establishment of the Global Islamic State (Caliphate) and Sharia law worldwide, via Jihad, which is incumbent on all Muslims. Jihad means to war against non-Muslims to establish the religion. Sacred Islamic Law Manual Book “O” 9.0

But that did not persuade you from ceasing to poison the minds of gullible and vulnerable youths. You took our children (Muslim children), brainwashed them into being maniacs and then used them as weapons against us (weapons against us refers to “Mischief in the Land” which caused harm to Muslims). And in the end you did not even prove your self-proclaimed warrior mantle. You hid behind a woman and used her as a human shield. You are not a martyr. You are a criminal who deserves to be punished by death, under American, international and Sharia laws. (Criminal – Mischief in the Land as explained)

The cancer that you have left behind will still be with us. We will still have to deal with terrorists like you. But we hope that your death will inject rationality in the discourse about terrorism. It will allow our policy makers and leaders to see terrorism less as a political football and more as a criminal activity undertaken by mafia figures like you. Instead of criminalizing a faith, our leaders will use sensible method to go after the criminals without stigmatizing the faith group they belong to. Cultural Jihad, when masterfully presented is very subtle and sounds very reasonable. The objectives Parvez presents (Islam is somehow not connected to terrorism, to think otherwise is irrational or just politics, leaders who think otherwise are not sensible, and these 16,000+ attacks in the name of Islam are merely crimes) are completely in alignment with the “Civilization Jihadist Process” of America as outlined in the “Strategic Goals for the Group in North America”.

It is important to understand “Jihad” takes many forms besides violent Jihad (Jihad Qital), which includes waging Jihad with the pen and mouth (writing & speaking as an Islamic apologist as this “Memo” illustrates), waging Jihad in the heart (enmity against infidels and man-made government until it comes under the Dar al Islam), and now Jihad with money (Sharia Compliant Finance (SCF) which has unsuspecting Americans actually funding Jihad).

As a professor of Finance at UNF, Parvez Ahmed frequently writes articles promoting SCF, referring to it as “Socially Responsible Investing” in the “caught on video” link above.
We are hopeful that your demise will bring some measure of comfort to all the families who have to contend daily with the loss of their loved ones. We are also hopeful that your departure provides renewed opportunities for building stronger bridges of understanding across faiths and cultures. Building Bridges or Daw’ah is code in the Islamic world for infiltration and subversion.

Interfaith outreach, dialogue, and diversity (cultural & sensitivity) training are types of Daw’ah, which is the primary means of conducting
“Cultural Jihad” in America as detailed in “Methodology of Daw’ah” by Shamim Sadiqqi an American born Muslim.

Sadiqqi’s book makes “Milestones” by Sayyid Qut’b operational, and is nothing less than a declaration of war on the west. These two books should be required reading for every American leader.

As peace loving Muslims, we unequivocally reject terrorism and reiterate that no grievances can ever justify the taking of innocent human lives. The key word here is “innocent” and is carefully placed.

Unbelief (Kufr) is a sin which puts one beyond the pale of Islam c2.5(3) as discussed in o8.7 book of justice, which states to deny any verse of the qur’an or anything by scholarly consensus (ijma) belongs to it. Therefore all unbelievers are guilty and hence the reference is only to Muslims in good standing.

Note: It is permissible to make a statement of unbelief, but only when forced and so long as faith remains firm in the heart, see Book “C” the nature of legal rulings c6.2.

Islam strictly condemns religious extremism (exceeding the bounds and causing Mischief in the Land, which is in accordance with Sharia law) and the use of violence against innocent lives. Terrorism against Muslims. Any group that imitates your methods is just as guilty as you are of crimes against their faith and all of humanity. Humanity refers to a Muslim only, see Islamic law regarding “Killing a Human Being” above.
We are heartened by the fact that no Muslim country took the responsibility of your burial. It is permissible, in fact recommended in Islam to not afford terrorists full burial rites. Terrorists are considered deviants and thus denying them the opportunity for burial rites that seek mercy and forgiveness for the deceased are religiously accepted.

President Barack Obama has eloquently reminded the world that you were not a Muslim leader. This statement is deceptive in the fact Bin Laden certainly had a following and he is widely accepted in the Islamic world as evidenced in the poll above, but this statement is only possible if Parvez believes Bin Laden is an Apostate and no longer Muslim. Otherwise, it could be construed as “Slander” which is saying something which hurts the reputation of Islam or a Muslim, and does not matter if it is true or not, Book R “Holding one’s Tongue r2.6 (1-3). He (Obama) went on to say, "Indeed, al Qaeda has slaughtered scores of Muslims in many countries, including our own. So his demise should be welcomed by all who believe in peace and human dignity." “All who believe in peace” is a phrase commonly understood to mean those who have submitted to Islam and “human” refers only to a Muslim. It is interesting Obama chose to use this phrase.

In your death you have united us as Americans once more, the same way we were in the immediate aftermath of 9/11. Today, like that ill-fated day, people of conscience (refers to Muslims) are once again ready to rediscover the value of peaceful coexistence, (In the early stages of the Hijrah (migration) a part of conquest, peace to facilitate daw’ah is critical. Peace is temporary and only permissible when weaker then the enemy) so jaded (defined as exhausted through overwork – Islamist have had work feverishly to counter the growing pushback after 911) by your rhetoric of war. Even when lamenting or protesting unfair and unjust conditions (unfair and unjust conditions references Muslim oppression for living under man-made law and not under Dar al Islam) we do not want to forget our Prophet's teachings of seeking peace and forgiveness even in the midst of our harshest hardships. Hardships mean worship and obedience to Islam. Taken together “Harshest Hardship” means living in obedience under the Dar al Harb. Seeking peace and forgiveness (forgiveness is only between Muslims), is a plea to work together in peace despite differences of opinion in the midst of our (Muslim) “Hardships” for the common good.

Your fellow Arabs are increasingly rejecting your messianic worldview. In Egypt and Tunisia they have peacefully overthrown dictators. What your violence never achieved, their peace did. Tactics of violence are condemned here as not being as effective in achieving the desired objective. He alludes to the “Peaceful” overthrow; however we know these revolutions were orchestrated by the Muslim Brotherhood which is violent when necessary as in Libya.

It is my hope that your life and death serve as a lesson (what not to do) to all who ever contemplated using the shortcut of violence to satisfy their desires and needs. Reference a shortcut to establish the Global Islamic State or Caliphate, as stated by the brotherhood. In your death as in your life, you have failed. You have dishonored your family and the over one billion Muslims from whom you hijacked the good name of Islam. An apostate or criminal brings shame or dishonored to his family, community, and Islam.

[Parvez Ahmed, Ph.D. is a Fulbright Scholar and Associate Professor of Finance at the University of North Florida.]

Honor and Shame is an integral part of Muslim Culture and we are beginning to see many “Honor” killings today as “Islamic Culture” creeps in to American cities.

ACT for America’s Jacksonville Chapter, along with the Florida Security Council and others were instrumental in
saving the life of Rifqa Bary, an Apostate from Islam.

Email ACTjacksonville@gmail.com

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