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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Muslim Congressman Invites Convicted Terrorist To Hill Briefing - Investors.com

Muslim Congressman Invites Convicted Terrorist To Hill Briefing - Investors.com

Florida Muslim Leader and Activist Ahmed Bedier, who currently uses his organization United Voices for America and his Capitol Leadership Academies to infiltrate the political system at the state level in Florida, recently help formed a new group in Washington D.C.

A group invited at the behest of America's only two Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison of Minnesota and Andre Carson of Indiana to a meeting on Capitol Hill. 

Group members Ahmed Bedier with Sami Al Arian in tow attended this meeting hosted by the congressman which is quite revealing in itself considering Ahmed Bediers long time leadership role in CAIR, a designated Muslim Brotherhood entity and the fact Sami Al Arian is a confessed and convicted terrorist on house arrest, then awaiting deportation to Jordan.

If you think this is just an Obama centric problem....think again!  

This started under the Clinton administration and continued under the Bush administration.   We have Presidential hopefuls like Gov. Chris Christie, cozying up to the brotherhood an appointing them judgeships as well as city council after city council working or appointing them to Human Rights positions of all places?

Jacksonville, Florida's City Council completely ignored the fact Ahmed Bedier along with Parvez Ahmed, former National Chairman of CAIR/HAMAS, was teaching sensitivity training to the Jacksonville Sheriffs Office (JSO) and it's FBI Field office until a 2009 ban by FBI Director Mueller.

FBI Director Mueller issued the order due to CAIR's designation as a Muslim Brotherhood entity and a member of the Palestine Committee (AKA Hamas) in the US vs Holy Land Foundation, the largest successfully prosecuted terrorism funding trial in US history.  Despite these and other facts, Jacksonville City Council appointed Dr. Parvez Ahmed to the Cities Human Rights Commission.

In order to do so, they had to also set aside the fact that Parvez Ahmed started the group "Hungry 4 Justice" to oppose the prosecution of the Holy Land Foundation, the fact he lobbies in defense of Sami Al Arian before and after his confession and conviction for supporting terrorism, statements that America should be politically involved with terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah, as well as the fact he solicited and received over $50,000,000 for CAIR from Dubai Sheiks after Congress disallowed the sale of (6) major U.S. ports to Dubai in 2006 stating the following:
“Do not think of your $50 million as a donation, but a rate of return on investment.  If we (CAIR) can build an Arab friendly environment in America, you (U.A.E. Sheiks) can buy up Billions in Key U.S. assets over the next fifty years  (Speaking to Finance Minister In Dubai ARAB press 2006).
He also said:
“there are political prisoner in this country, Sami Al Arian is one of them” OPed by Parvez 3-16-2008
“Hamas and Hezbollah should be part of the political process” in a letter to our state dept urging U.S. to change policy.

Wake Up America!!

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