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The mission of ACT Jacksonville is to expose radical islam in our midst by informing and educating the citizens of Jacksonville of the insidious nature of stealth jihad and mobilizing to defeat the spread and implementation of islamic sharia law.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Islamic Republican Club? | The Shark Tank

The Islamic Republican Club? | The Shark Tank

CAIR / HAMAS will start Islamic Republican Club in S. Florida? REALLY?

As a CAIR leader his is in fact a HAMAS operative and one who is a Devout adherent to SHARIA Law with is Diametrically opposed to the Constitution. The highest form of Unbelief is to follow Man Made Law... which is SHIRK.

Now he can deceive the infidel and say he takes an oath, but will he honor that? One way to tell, hold the Umdat Al Salik/Reliance of the Treveller or Sacred Islamic Law Manual in you hand turn to the specific verses and Ask:

Will you _________________,denounce ________________, stating the specific Sharia Law which calls for Muslims to; 1. obey only Allah and not our man made law, 2. wage Jihad or Islamic warfare against non Muslim to establish the religion, 3. killing of apostate or other harm or persecution and then request that they sign this in writing.

What you will find and hear are many excuses or accusations of Racism, Bigotry, or Islamophobia, but not signature as this would make this devout Muslim an apostate which is a capitol offense.

Americans can vet Islamist who do not want to assimilate or conform to our constitutional laws, but convert our laws to Sharia, (As CAIR/HAMAS members have state) very easily if we have the knowledge and citizens and leaders have the fortitude to uphold their oath of office and perform our duties as citizen in accordance with he constitution.

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